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Thank you for your interest in Carrousel Farms and our variety of diversified farming services. Please contact our office or the farm department for help with quotes, service needs or questions about our cattle.

W 7210 County Road B
Monroe, Wisconsin 53566

Carrousel Farms Office
Mary Bader
Phone: 608-325-3722
Email: mlb1960@tds.net

Grain Storage
Phone: 608-862-2676

Crops Division
Randy Bader
Phone: 608-558-3023
Email: randy@carrouselfarms.com
Troy Bader
Phone: 608-558-3022
Email: troy@carrouselfarms.com

Cattle Division
Brad Bader
Phone: 608-558-3024
Email: carrouselbeef@tds.net
Tim Donovan (Herdsman)
Phone: 608-214-1180

Josh Phillips
Phone: 608-214-3576
Email: josh@carrouselfarms.com